How much can my facility save by upgrading your motors to NEMA Premium efficiency?

Let’s do the math: Standard electric motor yearly operating costs can run up to 25 times the initial purchase cost of a new motor. Those operating costs can exponentially increase for a motor fleet’s 15 to 20 year lifespan.

New NEMA Premium efficiency motors are up to 30% more efficient than standard motors. The sooner you upgrade to a premium efficiency motor, the faster you can achieve payback and start generating a return on your investment.

Fact:  By upgrading to a NEMA Premium Efficiency motor, you can recover your initial purchase cost in as little as 6 months. 

What can an Efficiency Audit do for me?

The Motor Specialist is committed to improving your motor efficiency. In cooperation with our partners, US Motors and Baldor, Motion Industries will work with you to identify the right combination of voltage, frame, enclosure, speed, phase-type and motor efficiency that will generate great savings.

Motor Efficiency Audits can help you: quantify potential energy savings and ROI, analyze repair vs. replacement costs, discover rebate & incentive programs, develop a projected timeline of cost-saving.  

What's included in an Efficiency Audit?

Through an Installed Base Evaluation (IBE) from our partners at Baldor, the audit will identify old, inefficient motors and lay out a plan to upgrade to a more efficient fleet of motors -- allowing you to potentially realize huge energy savings. To assist customers identify and capitalize on these often overlooked savings Baldor proudly offers the service of the Installed Base Evaluation (IBE) Specialists. The IBE will help you identify:

  • Detailed List of Current Motors in Service and Spares
  • Potential Energy Savings 
  • Payback Timing
  • Repair/Replace Comparisons
  • Spares Analysis
  • Local Rebate and Incentive Program Details

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