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The Motor Specialist:  Making upgrading easy

EISA SolutionsThe transition to EISA-compliant Premium Efficiency Motors has left industry professionals, like you, with many questions, but no central resource for answers.  Until now.  The Motor Specialist is here to fill in that void.  

Motion Industries created TheMotorSpecialist.com as a destination for you to make the best decision when it comes to upgrading to NEMA Premium Efficiency Motors.  Select the right motor for your facility and see how the cost savings will accrue over time. 

Beyond calculators and tools, The Motor Specialist is here to provide the personalized service and attention that has made Motion Industries one of the most trusted distributors in the country.  Contact The Motor Specialist today for a personal consultation and guidance on the best options for your Premium Efficiency motor upgrade.

Motor Management Plans

Create a Motor Management plan to maximize the efficiency of your operation

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Motor Efficiency Audit

Identifying the right combination of voltage, frame, speed & efficiency that will generate great savings. 

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Motor Management Plan

Proactive Motor Planning

Motor Management PlansDeveloping a Motor Management plan for your facility can be one of the best ways to avoid making rush (and expensive) decisions when it comes to choosing to repair or replace a failed motor.  

While the implementation of the EISA legislation may have prompted a reevaluation of motor replacement options, this is also a good opportunity to take a look at your long-term motor management needs.  Motor Management is an industry practice that allows professionals to take a proactive stance on how they will handle motor maintenance and replacement in a methodical, not reactive, manner.  

Partnering with the experts at U.S. Motors, a Motion Industries' motor specialists can work with you to create a Motor Management plan to maximize the efficiency of your operation.  By developing a better understanding of the life-cycle of your facility's motors and establishing a replacement strategy, a Motor Management plan can help you optimize your budget and reduce downtime.  

The building blocks of a Motor Management plan include:

  • Motor Inventory and Tracking
  • Predictive and Preventative Maintenance
  • Spare Motor Inventory
  • Internal Policies Based on Life-Cycle Costs
  • Proactive Repair/Replacement Decisions

Motor Management plans do more than just ballpark a replacement timeline.  By assessing your motor management strategy from beginning to end, a Motion Industries specialist will work with you not only to understand the life-cycle of your motors, but also determine the real energy costs based on your motors' current efficiency compared to more efficient motor options.  

Contact Motion Industries today to begin developing a Motor Management plan for your facility.  


About Motion Industries

Motion Industries is committed to helping customers understand the options and make cost effective decisions when upgrading to meet the new EISA standards.  That's why we've paired with two of the industry's powerhouse motor manufacturers, Baldor & US Motors, to create TheMotorSpecialist.com.  Whether you're researching motor replacement options for one motor or for a fleet of motors at locations throughout North America, The Motor Specialist is here to help.  

The intent of this site is to answer questions about the Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA) and how Motion ‎Industries is addressing its impact on facilities like yours. The EISA mandate is effective December 19, 2010. 

Let TheMotorSpecialist.com support your efforts with full knowledge of the issues, impact and facts of EISA.  ‎

TheMotorSpeicalist.com contains the information you need:

  • EISA and EPACT Legislation and Summaries Articles
  • Premium Efficiency Upgrade
  • Energy Efficiency Audit
  • Rebate Center
Baldor Electric

About Baldor

The history of energy efficiency in industrial motors is really the story of Baldor Electric Company.  For almost 100 years, Baldor has led the industry in developing products that deliver greater performance and reliability while using less electricity.  From the company's founding in the 1920s through today, Baldor has introduced one efficiency enhancing advancement after another.  In fact, many of the advancements initiated by Baldor have lter been adopted as industry standards.  

The issue of energy efficiency for electric motors and drives is becoming increasingly relevant as electricity costs continue to rise.  Companies are now competing in an environment of rising energy costs and the uncertainty of available electricity.  These dynamics require the kind of forward-thinking industrial motor, drive and generator supplier that anticipates customer needs and delivers products that save money and improve productivity.  That company is Baldor.  

Baldor has been at the forefront of the transition to EISA-compliant motors.  Our Super-E premium efficient motors already meet or exceed the NEMA Premium efficiency level requirements mandated by EISA.  Additionally, we are expanding our Super-E line to include even more ratings and increasing the efficiencies of our existing Standard-E motor line to meet EISA requirements.  These improved motors will cost less to operate, run cooler and last longer.

For Subtype I requirements, Baldor's line of Super-E motors with higher efficiencies will continue to be available for use by customers who have the highest efficiencies available for the lowest cost of operation.  These motors comply with EISA requirements for Subtype I motors and exceed requirements for Subtype II.  

For Subtype II requirements, Baldor's Standard-E motors are true general-purpose motors designed to comply with Subtype II requirements for 1-200 hp and 201 - 500 hp requirements.  You can have confidence that their performance will meet the demands of a wide range of industrial applications.  

Baldor is proud to partner with Motion Industries to create The Motor Specialist, a central location to answer all of your EISA-related questions.  

US Motors

About US Motors

Since 1908, the U.S. Motors name has stood for exceptional reliability and performance of its products. Today, it has become recognized worldwide as the mark of leadership and technological innovation. US Motors is a company rich in historical firsts and committed to advancing technology into the 21st century.

Excellence in research and engineering is another important part of U.S. Electrical Motors heritage. Every product we make takes advantage of this excellence, from its conception in our computer-assisted design department, to final construction using techniques and materials pioneered by U.S. Motors.

As part of the Emerson Electric Co. family, we are an integral partner in the Motor Technology Center - the world's largest and most advanced motor and control design, research and testing facility. There, we are engineering the next generation of motors and drives that will power the manufacturing and process industries well into the 21st Century.

U.S. Motors brand NEMA Premium line of high performance commercial and industrial motors is designed to help industry reduce energy consumption and comply with EISA regulations.  This line features upgraded open drip proof and totally enclosed motors that meet or exceed NEMA Premium requirements.  In addition to a full line of horizontal motors, the U.S. Motors rand line of vertical motors will be available at Premium efficiency levels to address customer requirements.  

U.S. Motors is proud to partner with Motion Industries to create The Motor Specialist, a central location to answer all of your EISA-related questions.