Can a Cleaning Cloth Positively Impact Workplace KPIs?
While Key Performance Indicators will vary from industry to industry and workplace to workplace, there are 5 that are consistently important across most industries.


While Key Performance Indicators will vary from industry to industry and workplace to workplace, there are 5 that are consistently important across most industries. 

Another common theme across almost every industry is the need for contamination control – and most people are unaware that current cleaning practices may actually be adding to the contamination instead of removing it. This can be particularly problematic when a measured outcome must be met, or insensitive production areas such as pre-painting of composite or metal surfaces during manufacturing and bonding. And despite the importance of quality assurance sensitive areas and tasks, there are inadequate solutions used by most companies during these processes that are actually corrupting quality standards. 

Common KPIs 

Safety: Most commonly used wipes/wiping tools (both nonwovens and textiles) hold onto approximately 20% of the chemical fluid instead of releasing it to the surface. This can result in excessive chemical usage, thus higher VOCs 

Quality: Inadequate removal of contaminants because of inferior chemical application properties and high lint generation will affect adhesion of coatings, adhesives, etc., that then results in costly defects. 

Delivery: Over-processing because the towel or wipe generates lint which creates re-work (or additional cleaning) and because the chemical is not efficiently released onto the surface cause re-wetting. 

Cost: Over consumption of inferior wiping tools and of expensive chemicals, increased production time due to re-work and increased safety risks. 

Environment: More chemical usage means more chemicals entering the waste stream and harming the environment. 

All of these things are productivity killers and cost drivers. 

How can you be assured that your cleaning supplies are not compromising your quality standards? Trusting manufacturers’ claims that a product is chemically compatible and lint-free is no longer good enough. You need assurance that your industrial supplies are protecting your processes and driving a positive impact on KPI’s. 

To further this point, some wiping solutions are advertised as “extremely low linting” or “very low lint” have actually been tested to generate significant levels of lint. When this happens, re-work and extra cleaning is required. 

In many Industrial Manufacturing processes (like composite and metal part cleaning), this is a persistent and very costly problem not only because of the re-work, but also due to the fact that many of the chemicals or solvents used in these processes can cost 10X or more than the cost of the cloth or wipe itself. 

Kimberly-Clark Professional* has recently launched a new wiping cloth, the Kimtech* Precision Cleaning Cloth, that addresses these problems and positively impacts the common KPIs compared to what you may be using now. This new disposable cloth is made with a patented material designed to efficiently clean, even the most abrasive surfaces, and generate up to 15x less lint than other “lint-free” wipes or towels on the market today. 

In fact, it was tested against commonly used wiping solutions. The Kimtech* Precision Cleaning Cloth generated 0.27 mg/f2 of lint, compared to 1.41 mg/f2 generated by other low lint disposable cloths, 2.38 mg/f2 generated by premium cheesecloth, and 4.24 mg/f2 generated by premium cotton rags. 

The Kimtech* Precision Cleaning Cloth is also more efficient in cleaning because of the unique material releases over 97% of the chemical or solvent onto the surface – whereas competitive wipes or cloths hold on to at least 

20% of that chemical. More efficient chemical use directly impacts Safety, Quality, Delivery, Cost, and Environment. And lower lint directly impacts Quality and Delivery and indirectly lowers Costs. 

It is engineered to hold and release, more chemical. 

If you didn’t know that a cleaning cloth can have such a huge, positive impact on KPIs, you are not alone. 

Most people are not aware of little changes they can make to improve KPIs and solve points of pain. 

Using the right cleaning cloth can have a significant positive impact and change the way you think about your processes. 


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