The Different Types of MiVending Machines

Managing inventory is a huge challenge across multiple industries. Over-consumed, lost, or misplaced pieces of inventory can end up having a serious effect on your bottom line. MiVending is an easy, hassle free vending solution that keeps your valuable inventory under control and makes them accessible only to authorized personnel.There are many different kinds of vending machines that offer different solutions to your inventory needs.

MiVending solutions are ideal for managing MRO consumables, durable assets, and creating productivity enhancements. The machines discussed below will all be manufactured to house those items.

MiVending Coil machines are ideal for high use products including PPE safety products, general shop supplies, and cutting tools. MiVending’s Coil machines have a touch screen through which a user can select any item and its clear glass front allows for product visibility. This machine comes with various coil size depth and widths and a 6-or-7 shelf option with a maximum product stocking of 70 SKUS.

MiVending Lockers are completely configurable lockers, with 24 lockers available out of the box. They store and track large consumables and have removable shelves for larger lockers. Each locker measures 6.38”H x 11”W x 28.25”D. MiVending Lockers are ideal for large, bulker MRO consumables as well as PPE products, grease and aerosols, and durable/returnable items. Finally, each locker is charging station capable.

The MiVending Carousel is easily controlled with a high SKU capacity – up to 560. There’s no repackaging required and it’s highly reliable, flexible, and reconfigurable. The MiVending Carousel is ideal for small, pre-packaged MRO consumables, PPE safety products, general shop supplies, cutting tools, welding consumables, and electrical components.

The MiVending Scale has product size versatility for large items and a high SKU capacity – up to 168. It requires no repackaging and is two to three times the volume of coil or carousel units. It’s easily reconfigurable and easy to use. This product is ideal for small to large MRO consumables, welding consumables, safety products, janitorial and sanitation supplies, electrical components, and abrasives.

Each of these four vending machines is configured to solve a customer’s individual requirements. Find out which one best fits your situation by contacting us at