Vending Solution Helps Automate Automotive Supplier

A major Tennessee-based manufacturer of air filters, filter elements, and filter components used by the automotive industry needed a vending solution to control costs and improve its inventory management.

The key goals were to minimize MRO costs, reduce the number of MRO vendors, achieve a means of analyzing and forecasting usage, and increase productivity at two point-of-use locations on site-the Production and the Tool & Die/Maintenance areas.

One of Motion’s Inventory Management Solutions Specialists performed an analysis based on data usage and recommended a vending solution composed of four machines to control the customer’s inventory of MRO and safety supplies, industrial supplies, and maintenance supplies.

The different machines were chosen to handle the specific tasks assigned by the customer. The MiVending Carousel Solution and MiVending Coil Solution went in the Production area. The MiVending Coil Solution is ideal for limited line items with high usage such as the gloves the customer decided to vend. The MiVending Carousel, which can manage up to 560 individual items, was the perfect choice to handle the balance of the production items the customer needed, which was a large number of line items with limited quantities of each. 

The Tool & Die/Maintenance areas required a different solution application because the customer needed storage for a select number of expensive durable assets, such as a heat camera, and other electronic equipment. Motion’s IMS specialist recommended a MiVending Locker Solution for this area.

The customer also required a way to manage the cutting tools and a significant number of pneumatic fittings, as well as the bearings required to support the production machinery. For this, the obvious choice was a MiVending Drawer Solution because of its ease of configuration and large capacity for line items.

Another benefit of the machines that were installed was that they allowed the customer’s management team web access for data and reporting. This gave a top-down view of all point-of-use locations from a single web log-in, and also included documentation of transactions in each cost center and department.

In addition to the solutions the IMS specialist recommended, the Motion branch manager and account manager recognized the opportunity to implement a Vendor Managed Inventory program by working with one of Motion’s strategic partners that manufactures fasteners, nuts, and bolts.

The Motion-implemented solutions have resulted in a positive experience for the customer and the branch to assist them in managing and organizing the replenishment, maintenance, and service of the machines. Motion allowed the customer to continuously improve and streamline the manufacturing process and realize cost savings by controlling inventory and allowing for resource recovery.