Frequently Asked Questions

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MiVending's system monitors your inventory amounts and syncs the data to Motion Industries' secured servers. This data alerts your local Mi branch to replenish the items prior to reaching critical levels. The Mi branch will process the replenishment order and refill the machines at your site location, typically on a once or twice a week basis.
Yes, you will need a high speed Internet connection to transmit real time data to secured servers.
We can offer a variety of standard reports. These are a few of the most commonly requested reports:
  • Transactional Usage Reports - Quantifies product usage by date range, employee, item, category, cost center(s), location, et cetera
  • Inventory & Bin Reports - Illustrates inventory on-hand metrics, min/max visibility, detailed part number information such as manufacturer, supplier, and other key data elements which can be filtered
  • Receipt/Replenishment Reports - Shows inventory and order receipts, supplier replenishment, and other details which can be filtered by location, machine, dates, supplier or other elements
  • Analysis Reporting - includes Suggested Minimum reports and Inventory Turns reports
You can set controls with MiVending Solutions so that specific employees can access specific products needed for the job, and/or limit quantities of any product available to employees on any basis, i.e., 1 pair of safety glasses per week. Product usage can be tracked by individual employee, so you'll know who is using what, how much they are using and/or who was the last person to use a piece of equipment.
With MiVending, inventory is always immediately available to your employees by placing equipment at Point of Use locations - which means no stock-outs or need to track down supervisors for needed supplies. Also, this can mean fewer trips back and forth to storage areas or tool cribs.
Yes, we can read HID PRox, Key Fob Prox, Mag Stripe, Barcode, and RFID. We can also assign a keyable code if badges are not used at your plant.
Yes, we can chain some types of devices together depending on the application.
Yes, If the machine loses power it will maintain all data and transactions that took place up until the time of the power outage. If the customer wants the machine to continue working during a power outage, then a Universal Power Supply (UPS) with battery backup will need to be provided with the machine.
Yes, the system will store transaction information and transmit the data once the connectivity is regained.
Yes, depending upon the wireless signal strength and connectivity at the site.
Yes, we can work with your IT department to develop the software integration between the systems.
The Mi Inventory Management System (IMS) team will work with you to ensure a successful implementation and training.
Your local Mi branch will work with our technical support team for continued assistance after the "go-live" date.
Yes, you will be provided with a web address along with training on how to use the system.
Data is stored on Mi servers located in Birmingham, AL with disaster protocol protection in place.
The machines need to be protected from the elements. The operating environment for MiVending equipment is 32F to 95F (0C to 35C) and humidity levels are 10% to 90% (no condensation).
The Mi On-Site Solutions team will work with you to determine the best solution for your unique inventory challenges