Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

  • What type of vending machine is right for my business?

    MiVending Solutions are customizable to meet your inventory needs and requirements. Each of our machines serve to help you reduce inventory costs and increase productivity in your facility.

    Our Coil Solutions are great for managing and controlling a wide variety of consumables such as safety glasses, gloves, batteries and lubricants, etc.

    The MiVending Locker is ideal for tracking and managing bulkier MRO consumables, PPE products, grease and aerosols and durable/returnable items such as power tools, instruments, etc.

    The MiVending Carousel helps the management of small MRO consumables, PPE products, general shop supplies cutting tools, welding consumables and electrical components, etc.

    The MiVending Scale is the ideal choice for high volume and larger MRO consumables, welding consumables, safety products,  Jan/San, electrical components, abrasives, etc.

  • How do you know when the machine needs to be replenished?

    MiVending is an intuitive system that monitors your inventory amounts and syncs the data to Motion Industries secured servers. This data alerts your local Mi branch to replenish the items prior to reaching critical levels. The Motion branch will process the replenishment order and refill the machines at your site location, typically on a once or twice a week basis.

  • Do I need to have an Internet connection?

    MiVending Solutions rely on a high speed Internet connection to transmit real time data to secured servers.

  • What type of reports can MiVending generate?
    Transactional Usage Reports
    • Detailed, listings, and summarized reporting quantifying product usage by date range, employee, item, category, cost center(s), location, and much more
    Inventory & Bin Reports
    • Detailed, listings, and summarized reporting illustrating inventory on-hand metrics, min/max visibility, detailed part number information such as manufacturer, supplier, and other key data elements which can be filtered.
    Receipt/Replenishment Reports
    • Detailed, listings, and summarized reporting showing inventory and order receipts, supplier replenishment, and other details which can be filtered by location, machine, dates, supplier, or other elements.
    Analysis Reporting
    • Inventory Value Graphing Reports
    • Overstock Value Reporting
    • Stock-Out Reporting
    • Order Point Analysis Reporting
    Red Flag Reporting
    • Inventory, Transactional, or Performance reporting which alerts customer and suppliers to activity consider abnormal or transactional outliers that exceed preset system rules on tasks such as inventory usage restrictions or limitations as an example.
    Inventory Expiration Reporting
    • Reporting that focuses on inventory expiration date tracking, warranty tracking and reporting, Lot Number/Heat Number expirations, but also into Blanket Order Expirations.
    Calibration & Certification Reporting
    • Reporting that focuses on serialized durable tooling and gauges with calibration or certification scheduling and expirations.
  • Can I automate ordering?

    You can set up MiVending to automatically reorder items when inventory falls below a “minimum” level. The machine will send a notification to your local Mi branch to fulfill the order.

  • Can I control inventory usage?

    You can set MiVending Solutions so that employees only have access to products needed for the job, and/or limit quantities of any product available to employees on any basis, i.e., 1 pair of safety glasses per week. Product usage can be tracked by individual employee, so you’ll know who is using what, how much they are using and/or who was the last person to use a piece of equipment.

  • How does MiVending improve productivity?

    With MiVending, inventory is always immediately available to your employees by placing equipment at POU locations – which means no stock-outs or need to track down supervisors for needed supplies. Also, this can mean fewer trips back and forth to storage areas or tool cribs.

  • How do I get started?

    Getting your MiVending program in place is easy. Simply call us and a Mi Account rep will come to your site and assess your needs. We’ll ask you about your inventory challenges and develop a strategic solution that works best for you.

    And when you partner with Motion Industries, we don’t just leave you after the sale. We’ll come in and set up your equipment and provide user training to your employees. Soon you’ll be on your way to increasing productivity and reducing your inventory costs.

    Call: 1-800-526-9328 (Press 4 for Vending) Email:

  • Do you offer hidden-and-protected-camera options that can be mounted on or near their machines to further thwart vandalism?

    Yes, a camera is not a standard feature but can be provided as an optional upgrade.

Technical Questions

Environment Questions

Device Type Coil Carousel Scale Locker
Security/Control Very High Very High Medium High
Single Item/QTY Access Yes Yes No Yes
Max SKU 70 560 168 24
Requires Repackaging Yes None None None
Ease of Reconfiguration Easy Very Easy Complex Easy
Item Return Capability No Yes Yes Yes
Product Flexibility Limited Very Flexible Very Flexible Flexible

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