From full line hand tool repair to customizing tool crib management systems, all six of our well-established industrial supply units stock and distribute quality manufacturer lines as well as render superior customer service for both everyday and unique industrial needs.

Dayton Supply and Tool Company provides services to manufacturers and contractors in the Ohio Valley and beyond. Specialized services include consultation in all aspects of the tooling process, from implementing a simple tool crib management system to designing a customized supply chain management program.

Drago Supply distributes product from a broad inventory of hardware, tools and many other supplies; and its customer base includes the local oil, chemical and marine industries of the Gulf Coast. Drago's qualified team of professionals offers expertise in inventory management; traditional, systems and integrated supply contracts.

General Tool and Supply offers customers a wide range of industrial supply, material handling and safety products from more than 1,400 manufacturers. Service includes integrated-supply and inventory-management systems; vending solutions, specialized training and seminars; crane and hoist design, installation, and repair; pneumatic tool repair, and custom bandsaw-blade welding.

Hub Supply has expanded from its core businesses of vendor-managed inventory services and the distribution of abrasives and cutting tools to include safety supplies, janitorial-sanitation supplies, shipping/packaging materials, material handling, and more.

Hub Supply helps customers achieve significant overall cost reductions through improved inventory management, lower financing costs, lower freight costs, and smart space usage.

Lewis Supply provides a wide range of services, assisting customers in gaining maximum utilization from their MROP purchases. Lewis' offerings range from simple deposit inventory programs to fully integrated systems. Product from casters to power transmission components to safety supplies are also stocked in each Lewis Supply location.

Voorhies Supply offers a wide array of industrial supplies such as abrasives, hand and power tools, fasteners, material handling products, pipe and fittings, and much more. The company specializes in serving customers in the oilfield drilling and service, industrial and petrochemical plants, manufacturing, and marine industries.

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