Training is a significant part of Motion Industries' commitment to customers and employees alike. The courses from the Motion Institute offer something for everyone in both topic and in format. And, the caliber of Motion Institute instructors is second-to-none. All of our instructors have "turned the wrenches" in the field that they teach, so their real-world experience directly relates with students and their applications.

Whether participants take a Motion Institute course via Learning Center, in-plant or online, the practical application knowledge gained is guaranteed to benefit them as well as their facility.

Hands-On Training Classes are conducted in Learning Centers across North America. In-plant, open enrollment, and customized classes are also available.
Motion Learning Centers are strategically located across North America to provide hands-on courses within driving distance of most Motion Industries branches and customer locations, which greatly reduces travel time and expenses. Instructors broadcast the lectures to groups of Learning Centers, simultaneously. Participants interact with each other and with the instructors in real time and perform hands-on training to your city by request, or as part of our schedule through open enrollment classes. The most popular categories of instruction include: Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Mechanical Power Transmission and Bearings. However, we welcome the opportunity to design a custom course for your plant and conduct it at your facility. Online training assessments are also available to help determine the needs of your maintenance staff.
Online Training is an extensive library delivered via our Learning Management System through bite-sized e-learning and video production modules. Tracking and reporting capabilities are made available.
Productions are designed by our creative staff at Motion Institute Productions, either on-site or at Motion Institute’s in-house studio. (Video productions, e-learning/instructional design, audio, animations, and live broadcasts.) These services are made available to our customers.
Lab Equipment is custom-made, designed to meet your specific needs.
1 The Motion Institute's courses offer valuable, useful instruction that industrial employees can take back to the plant. Increased confidence gained from technical understanding contributes to uptime and cost efficiencies in the facility.
2 Motion Institute has 26 strategically located Learning Centers that offer hands-on training within driving distance of most Mi customers. Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Mechanical Power Transmission and Bearings classes are conducted monthly.
3 In-plant classes are conducted by seasoned instructors who have many years of experience in industry. The classes can be tailored to cover each plant's specific equipment. Topics include:
  • Hydraulics
  • Pneumatics
  • Mechanical Power Transmission
  • Bearings
  • Electrical
  • Arc Flash
  • PLCs
  • Safety
  • Maintenance Management
  • Stockroom Management
  • Customized Classes
4 Motion Institute Productions transforms content into learning solutions — such as the easy, bite-size Online Modules, available 24/7. Live training and video broadcasts are another way Productions makes learning more accessible. Our Productions services are also available to customers and vendors alike for custom programs.
5 All of Motion Institute's offerings are available on MotionInstituteOnline.com.
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