Why Motion for Wire Brushes?

Scratch brushes remove light scale. Available with carbon steel wire for general purpose cleaning, stainless steel wire for carbon free requirements, and brass wire for general purpose cleaning, scratch brushes are available with curved handles and shoe handles with brush sizes ranging from small to medium. The versatility of power brushes occurs because of different configurations and fill materials. Wheel and radial brushes center mount on a shank or arbor while the outside edge contacts the workpiece. With more filaments contacting the workpiece, a cup or disc-shaped brush can aggressively remove material. End brushes pack the filaments into a small, shanked cup and can reach recessed areas or precision spot finishing. Internal or side-action brushes can work for deburring or for cleaning and finishing cylinders and internal threads. Wide-face brushes provide the best solution for metal processing, food handling, and scrubbing.