Motion carries a large selection lubricants for purchase. Options include air tool and air compressor oil, anti-corrosion lubricants, cutting and tapping fluids, machine oil, motor and engine oil, oil additives and treatments, and much more.

If you're looking for industrial-grade lubricants, Motion can meet your needs. We offer a wide range of only the finest lubricants from leading suppliers, including anti-corrosion lubricants, cutting fluids, cable lubricants, and more.

What are Industrial Lubricants?

Industrial lubricants include any substances that are used to reduce friction on one or more surfaces. The history of lubricants goes back thousands of years, and many different forms of lubricants have been used over the years, including the likes of natural lubricants and graphite lubricants.

What Are Lubricants Used for?

The main purpose of lubricants is to help reduce or minimize the level of friction between surfaces as they connect or pass over one another. This helps to reduce the amount of heat generated by the two surfaces, while also facilitating movement between them. Because of this, lubricants have a wide range of industrial applications to keep parts moving in machines while minimizing heat damage and general wear and tear.

The Best Industrial-Grade Lubricants

You’ll find a wide range of lubricants for sale at Motion, including the following options:

  • Anti-Corrosion Lubricants - As the name implies, these lubricants are designed to help reduce the risks of corrosion in metal parts.
  • Chain and Cable Lubricants - Specially used to reduce friction on moving chains and cables in pulley systems and machines.
  • Gear Oil - A special kind of lubricant used for cogs and gears in a machine.
  • Machine Oil - All-purpose lubricant oils used in machines to facilitate movement and minimize damage to components.

Buy Industrial Lubricants Online

Motion is your number 1 choice for lubricants and other industrial products, with one of the biggest and best product selections anywhere online. As well as having a massive range of products, we also aim to stand out from the crowd with our fair prices and top-tier customer service. So take a look through our full range and place your order today.

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