Boring Tools

Motion offers an assortment of boring tools for your cutting tool needs. Select from boring bar holders, boring bar sets, boring bars, boring head arbors, shanks, and adapters.

Looking for boring tools like a hole boring tool set or line boring tool? If so, Motion is the place to be. We aim to be your No. 1 source for boring tools, including cylinder boring tools and other tool for boring essentials.

What Are Boring Tools?

In the world of machining, the term "boring" refers to the process of enlarging a pre-existing hole with the aid of special tools. Boring tools are used for this process, and there are various forms of boring tools, including line boring tools and cylinder boring tools. Each tool has its part to play in the boring process and can be used in conjunction with other boring essentials like bars, heads, and machines.

What Does a Boring Tool Do?

As the name implies, a tool for boring is used in the boring process. This means that these tools are utilized to enlarge or widen holes that have already been cast or drilled. The boring tools, like boring bars and boring cylinder tools, are placed into the existing hole in order to expand it, widening its diameter and grinding away burrs or rough sections to make the whole more precise.

The Best Boring Tools

At Motion, you'll find nothing but the best boring tools from leading brands, including tools in the following categories:

  • Line Boring Tool - These boring tools are usually used for engine machining to create straight, parallel bores.
  • Cylinder Boring Tool - These tools are typically used in conjunction with cylinder blocks for boring holes.
  • Hole Boring Tool - Standard boring tools used for widening or enlarging holes.

Buy Boring Tool Sets Online

Motion aims to be your best source for boring tools, offering a wide range of high quality products to meet your needs, all from trusted brands in the boring business.

As well as our extensive product selection, Motion also stands out from the crowd with our super prices and friendly service! Get in touch today or place your order with confidence at Motion.

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