Counterbores & Pilots

Motion offers a vast selection of of counterbores and pilots for your cutting tool needs. Select from counterbore pilots, sets, interchangeable parts, reverse counterbores, reverse countersinks, and solid pilot counterbores.

If you're looking for counterbores and counterbore tools, choose Motion. We stock and supply a wide range of counterbore bits and other related items from leading brands and providers.

What Is a Counterbore?

In industrial terminology, a counterbore is a cylindrical hole with a flat bottom that is used for enlarging another pre-existing tool. The term is also used to describe tools that are used to create counterbore holes, such as counterbore bits and counterbore cutters. In order to avoid any confusion, the tools are often referred to by the longer name of counterbore cutters or counterbore tools, rather than just counterbores.

What Are Counterbores for?

The main purpose of counterbore tools is to allow the head of a screw or other kind of fastener to be inserted into a hole and lie flush with the rest of the surface, rather than jutting out in any way. This results in a smooth and even surface of the workpiece, while also allowing fasteners to be inserted in the most secure and aesthetically pleasing way possible.

They're similar in many ways to countersinks, but the key difference in counterbore vs. countersink is that countersinks created tapered holes at an angle, while countersinks are drilled straight down into the material, leaving a flat bottom, rather than an angled one.

The Best Counterbores

When it comes to counterbore bit sets and counterbore tools, quality is of the utmost importance, and only the best counterbores will allow you to get the smooth, right-sized holes you need. You’ll find nothing but the best counterbores at Motion.

Buy Counterbores Online

Motion can be your number 1 source for all industrial supplies, including top quality counterbores from leading brands.

Choose Motion today and enjoy the widest selection of products, the most affordable prices, and the most professional levels of service.

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