Countersink & Counterbore Accessories

Motion offers a selection of countersink and counterbore accessories for your cutting tool needs. Choose from several lengths and types.

Looking for top quality countersinks at the fairest price? Whether you need a countersink bit for drilling a countersink hole or some countersink screws to put inside it, you can find all you need here at Motion.

What Is a Countersink?

The term "countersink" has two main definitions in the industrial world. The first definition of countersink is a hole that is conical in shape and is cut into a workpiece or manufactured object. The second definition of countersink is the tool used to cut the aforementioned kind of hole, such as a countersink bit or drill bit with countersink.

What Are Countersinks for?

The main purpose of any countersink bit is to cut a clean, angled hole into a piece of material in order to allow some sort of fastener, such as a bolt or screw or rivet, to be placed into the hole and sit flush with the surface of the material, rather than sticking out at the top.

Countersink bits can also be used to get rid of any excess material inside a pre-existing hole, like burrs left over from drilling, making the hole cleaner and neater for screws and other fasteners to be put into.

Countersinks have a lot in common with counterbores, but with one key difference: while countersinks create angled, tapered holes that gradually become narrower at the bottom, counterbores simply create straight, flat-bottomed holes instead.

The Best Countersinks

Whenever you're working with any kind of countersink, like countersink bits and countersink screws, quality counts, and it's vital to get the best items for the job to enjoy a seamless and convenient working process. Motion is the place to find the best quality countersinks.

Buy Countersinks Online

If you’re searching for the finest countersinks at the fairest prices, choose Motion, the industrial world’s leading supplier of tools, devices, accessories, and essentials.

Not only do we have one of the widest selections of industrial goods in the world, but we also work hard to keep our prices low, while offering the best levels of service for every customer.

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