Dies & Die Stocks

Motion offers a vast inventory of dies and die stocks for your hand and power tools needs. Choose from a wide variety of round, hex, and square pipe dies. Variety of thread sizes and die diameters.

Looking for the best tap and diet sets or general die sets for your future projects? Motion is the best place to shop for top quality tap and die metric sets from trusted, proven providers.

What Is a Die Set?

In the world of manufacturing, a die is a special machine tool that is used for cutting and forming material into a desired shape. There are various different kinds of die sets, including stamping die sets that are used together with presses, casting dies that are used in the world of molding, and drawing dies, used for making wire. Die sets typically continue a range of dies in various shapes and sizes.

What Are Die Sets Used for?

Die sets can be used in a wide range of manufacturing processes, including forming, drawing, horning, piercing, coining, bulging, and broaching. They're used throughout the manufacturing industry when cutting and forming shapes and materials, and they have many possible applications.

Crafters can use die sets and die cutting to cut elements and shapes for personal projects, while professional manufacturers can use industrial-grade die sets and cutting machines to manufacture all sorts of items.

The Best Die Sets

You can find a range of top quality die sets for sale here at Motion Industries, including:

  • Stamping Die Set - Used for stamping in conjunction with a press machine of some kind.
  • Drawing Die Sets - Used for making wire.
  • Casting Die Sets - Used in the process of molding.
  • Buy Die Sets Online

    Motion is your number 1 source for top quality die sets. We stock and sell a wide range of die sets from leading brands.

    Not only do we have a wide selection of die sets and tools, but we also aim to keep our prices as low as possible, offering the best value for money with every order.

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