Masonry Drill Bits

Motion has a vast selection of masonry drill bits for your cutting tool requirements. Browse through a large collection of hammer chisel, coring, hammer chisel, tile, and glass drill bits.

Looking for good quality masonry drill bits? Whether you need an extra long masonry drill bit to make deep holes in sections of masonry or a complete masonry drill bit set with a range of shapes and sizes, Motion is the perfect place to find what you're looking for.

What is a Masonry Drill Bit?

As the name suggests, a mason drill bit is a specific type of drill bit, designed to be able to drill holes into tough materials, like brickwork and masonry structures. A masonry drill bit set will usually be used in conjunction with a rotary drill of some kind in order to penetrate the likes of concrete and stone. These drill bits stand out due to their arrowhead-like tips and are most commonly made of steel.

What is a Masonry Drill Bit Used for?

Masonry drill bits are used whenever you need to drill a hole inside a hard material or a piece of masonry. They're some of the toughest drill bits around, capable of penetrating thick stone, brickwork, and concrete. This gives them a lot of versatility, and you can use masonry drill bits in order to fit masonry anchors in place or for other purposes whenever holes need to be made in the toughest and hardest of materials.

The Best Masonry Drill Bits

When it comes to masonry drill bit kits or any other kind of drill bit, quality counts. The best masonry drill bits will be able to stand up to tough situations and provide the results you’re looking for, and you can find nothing but the best masonry drill bits for sale at Motion.

Buy Masonry Drill Bits Online

Choose Motion for your next order of masonry drill bit sets. We have a large, varied selection of masonry drill bits from trusted brands in a range of shapes and sizes.

As well as having one of the biggest product selections, Motion also has some of the best prices and the most professional customer service, so you can count on us for all your industrial supplies and tools.

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