Saw Teeth & Inserts

Motion offers a selection of saw teeth and inserts for your cutting tool needs. Choose from a selection of planer knives in various material grades.

If you’re searching for saw teeth and inserts, you can find all you need here at Motion. We stock and sell a huge range of saw teeth, inserts, and other products, covering all your saw-related needs.

What are Saw Teeth and Saw Inserts?

Saw teeth are simply the cutting elements of any saw blade. On a circular saw blade, for example, the saw teeth or cutting teeth are the sharp, pointed ridges all around the outside of the blade. They can be made of various materials and measure different sizes in order to produce different cuts and deal with different materials.

Saw inserts, like zero clearance inserts, are useful saw accessories. They are typically used instead of throat plates on table saws, and they're designed to cover up all of the area around the saw blade itself, leaving no gaps. This helps to prevent any little bits of wood getting stuck beside the blade.

What are Saw Teeth and Saw Inserts Used for?

The main purpose of saw teeth is simply to cut through items of wood, plastic, or even metal in some cases. They’re specially designed to be sharp and jagged so that, when rotated at high speeds, they can slice through even the thickest and toughest of materials for shaping and cutting purposes.

Saw inserts, like zero clearance inserts, are used for providing a more convenient and safe experience when using saws, such as table saws. They help to prevent unnecessary blockages or potentially dangerous problems that can occur when pieces of wood or off-cuts fall beside the blade.

Buy the Best Saw Teeth and Saw Inserts Online

No matter what kind of saw teeth or saw inserts you require, you’ll find everything you’re looking for here at Motion. We’re one of the most experienced and trusted providers of tools and industrial accessories, with a huge range of products at great value prices.

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