Motion has a vast selection of taps for your cutting tool requirements.Choose from the following taps: carbon, combination drill, extension and pulley, HSS, British Standard, hand, nut, pipe, and more.

Looking for the best tap sets at fair, affordable prices? If so, choose Motion. We sell a wide range of high quality tap set, including tap socket sets, metric tap sets, and more, all from trusted and proven brands.

What is a Tap Set?

Taps are small but essential tools that are typically used by mechanics, craftsmen, woodworkers, and metalworkers, as well as DIY enthusiasts in their own homes. They are threaded tools, used for cutting and forming threads inside a hole. There are three main types of taps: bottoming taps, plug taps, and taper taps. Each of these three types of taps has its own specific design and function.

How Do Tap Sets Work?

A tap set is comprised of multiple taps, and each tap is used to form or cut threads inside the surface of a hole. This is designed to form a female surface, allowing screws, plugs, and other fasteners to be inserted and secured inside the hole. This process is known as tapping, and it’s an integral part of various industries like woodwork and metalwork.

The Best Tap Sets

You can order only the very best tap sets from Motion, providing you with the following tap types:

  • Bottoming Taps - The bottoming tap is one that has a continuous cutting edge all the way along, without any noticeable taper, useful for cutting threads in holes that have already been partly threaded with another tap.
  • Plug tap - The plug tap, or second tap, is one that has a slightly tapered edge, which can be helpful for easing the tap into a fresh hole. These are the most common kinds of taps in use today.
  • Taper Taps - There are also taper taps. These taps have quite distinctive tapering at the end, resulting in a very gradual and gentle cutting action compared to the likes of the bottoming tap. They're used in materials that are very strong and hard to work with.

Buy Tap Sets Online

Find the best tap sets for sale at Motion. We have one of the biggest and best selections of tap sets and related products, with countless tools, devices, and industrial accessories to suit your needs.

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