Bevel & Miter Gears

Motion carries an assortment of bevel and miter gears for your mechanical power transmission projects. Shop our collection of bevel gears and miter gears.

If you're looking for top quality bevel gears or miter gears, choose Motion. The home of high quality industrial products and accessories, Motion stocks and sells a massive range of bevel gears, including vex bevel gears, straight bevel gears, and spiral bevel gears from leading brands like Browning, Martin, and Boston Gear.

What are Bevel Gears?

A bevel gear is a specific type of gear. The key distinguishing characteristic of bevel gears is the fact that the axes of the two shafts actually intersect, and faces of the gears are conical in shape, rather than being flat. Miter gears are also connected to bevel gears; miter gears are actually a specific kind of bevel gears that have equal numbers of teeth, with the shafts situated at right angles to one another. One of the unique advantages of bevel gears is the fact that they can be easily used at different operating angles.

What are Bevel Gears Used for?

Just like other kinds of gears, bevel gears such as miter gears and straight bevel gears are mechanical power transmission products, used for transferring power through a system or machine. The gears rotate and transfer energy to the next component in the system. There are many possible situations and industries in which bevel gears can be used, and they're often found in the likes of power plants, locomotives, machinery, printing presses, steel plants, and cooling towers.

The Best Bevel Gears

If you want to get the best results from gears and other mechanical power transmission products, it’s essential to use the finest products, made of the best materials. At Motion, you can buy the very best bevel gears from trusted, proven brands.

Buy Bevel Gears Online

Choose Motion for your next order of bevel gears or miter gears. We have a huge range of mechanical power transmission essentials, including gears, belts, and pulleys, all at the fairest prices.

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