Motion has a vast selection of chains for mechanical power transmission products. Browse through a huge collection of chains, fittings, and binders. Choose from several different types of mechanical power transmission chains.

Find all of the best chains and related items like belts and fittings at Motion. We stock and sell a huge selection of mechanical power transmission products, including leaf chains, roller chains, engineering chains, chain binders, and chain fittings.

What are Chains?

Chains are some of the most commonly-used and versatile mechanical power transmission products used in the world today. They consist of a series of assembled, connected pieces, known as links, and are most commonly made of metal. Similar to rope in terms of their general structure, chains are available in a wide range of forms, including engineering chains, leaf chains, and roller chains.

What are Chains Used for?

Just like other kinds of mechanical power transmission products like belts and pulleys, chains are used for transferring power or mechanical energy through a system or machine. They are found in a very wide range of devices, appliances, machines, vehicles, and more. For example, roller chains are found in a wide range of automobile engines and used for driving camshafts and transferring energy through the system. Chains are also used in the likes of forklifts, power tools, bicycles, aircraft, and more.

The Best Chains

If you want to get the best results from mechanical power transmission products like chains in their various forms and shapes, it’s essential to use the best quality products that are designed to high standards and made of the strongest materials. At Motion, you can buy only the finest chains from trusted industry leaders.

Buy Chains Online

Choose Motion for your next order of chains or other mechanical power transmission accessories. We have a huge range of products to choose from, including engineering chains, chain links, chain fittings, roller chains, and more, from brands like Boston Gear, Diamond Chain Company, and Browning. Take a look through our full range of fairly-priced products and place your order today.

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