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Grinding, Sanding & Cutting Wheels

Sanding and cutting wheels offer many advantages for workers tackling the grinding, deburring, and blending of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. We also carry a complete selection of accessories for sanding and cutting wheels including quick change systems and snap-on/snap-off hubs. Two-ply discs provide versatility and rapid stock removal for flat and contour surfaces. Aluminum Oxide and resin fiber discs with grits of 30 to 50 can remove welds while discs with grits of 60-120 can remove small imperfections. Three-ply premium Aluminum Oxide discs combine durability with a fast rate of cut for grinding and sanding aircraft-grade aluminum, nickel, and chrome alloys. Silicon carbide two-ply discs can remove imperfections from non-ferrous metals.

Frequently Purchased Grinding, Sanding & Cutting Wheels