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Sanding Sheets, Belts, Bands & Rolls

Sanding belts work with floor mounted sanders, pneumatic sanders, portable sanders, and stand-mounted sanders. With a wide range of sizes and grits, sanding belts work for deburring, blending, finishing, and cleaning. High performance sanding belts blend milling marks, reduce uneven edges, and establish the desired transition from one surface to the next. Aluminum Oxide sanding belts can quickly remove coatings, gaskets, and surface flaws. Use sanding sheets with water or water-based and oil-based coolants to hand deburr, clean, and polish a surface. The flexibility gained through the use of sanding sheets allows the polishing and cleaning of complex contours. Spiral bands feature ease-of-use and prevent skipping and bumping that can damage a work surface. Use bands to reduce uneven edges, smooth rough surfaces, and apply a desired finish on aluminum and stainless steel. The unique design of sanding rolls matches tasks that require fast cutting on irregular contours or out-of-reach locations. Straight and spiral rolls also work for flash removal, blending, deburring, blemish removal, and edge breaking on all ferrous metals. Rolls fit a large range of power tool chucks and collets

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